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Fun With Crypto

Nov 27, 2018

In Episode 9 we discuss:  

Twitter @Coinicarus

Nov 18, 2018

In episode 8 we discuss:

  • Abra wallet 
  • Bitpay server
  • BTC optech newsletter  
  • BTC/crypto price prediction


Nov 12, 2018

In episode 7 we discuss:

Nov 10, 2018

In episode 6 we discuss

  • ICO's the good (there isn't much), the bad and mostly ugly
  • BTC Faucets which are the best? are there any real faucets left?
  • Listener question, moving BTC from Exchange back to a wallet
  • Shoutout to openDime 
  • Initiative Q, what is this? yes beware!

Nov 3, 2018

In episode 5 we discuss

-Crypto scams

-CasaHODL security checklist  



-Cryptopia documentary  

Shrem being sued by...