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Fun With Crypto

Sep 9, 2019

Interview/Discussion with Optimist fields(@My_Livin_Truth) 

  • Rabbit hole story
  • Dave chappelle Red pilling
  • Shitcoining misadventures
  • Bitcoin culture and social aspects
  • Bitcoins value proposition
  • And much more!!!

Twitter Contact: @My_Livin_Truth

Intro music by Sam Sparro Black & Gold

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Sep 2, 2019

Quik talk with Oliver(@gugol) at CCCamp

  • Olivers first camp attendance
  • Lighting beer tap
  • POS(point of sale) terminal from @btcsocialist
  • Lightning vending machine
  • Lighting photo booth

Twitter Contact: @Gugol

Intro music by Sam Sparro Black & Gold

Twitter & Telegram @Coinicarus 


Aug 27, 2019

Interview with Bitcoin Koala 

  • Rabbit hole story 
  • Raspiblitz logo competition
  • Store
  • whats next for BitcoinKoala

Twitter Contact: @BitcoinKoala

Intro music by Sam Sparro Black & Gold

Twitter & Telegram @Coinicarus 


Aug 17, 2019

Interview with Ross from

  • Rabbit hole story
  • Shitcoining 
  • Building 
  • why build on bitcoin
  • Lnurl
  • Binance lab skethchiness
Twitter Contact: @baebb_code

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Aug 15, 2019

Interview discussion with Alex from

  • Alex before bitcoin 
  • building lolli
  • UX is key to mass adoption 
  • Built on bitcoin, of course! and why?
  • being your own bank could make you a micro lender? 
  • whats' next for lolli?  

Twitter Contact: @tryolli

Intro music by Sam Sparro Black &...