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Fun With Crypto

Jun 22, 2019

Interview/Discussion with The King bitcoin podcaster Stephan Livera 

  • Stephans Rabbit hole story, thinker behind the thought
  • Austrian Economics   
  • Bitcoin vs. Gold
  • Equities, investing  
  • Libracoin never a threat to BTC 

Twitter Contact: @stephanlivera 

Intro music by Sam Sparro Black &...

Jun 15, 2019

Lightning node Roundtable Panel discussion #2 

  • We introduce a recent LND contributor @gugol(Oliver)
  • RTL updates and features, multi node UI 
  • Lightning arcades & pay devices
  • Lightning network fee model discussion 
  • Macaroons and TLS 🤯 
  • Atomic pi maybe no go

Jun 7, 2019

Interview/Discussion with Brekkie Von Bitcoin/CryptoBrekkie

We discuss 

Contact for Brekkie Von Bitcoin

Jun 2, 2019

Interview/Discussion with @Raumi75

Contact for Raumi75: @Raumi75

Intro music by Sam Sparro Black & Gold