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Fun With Crypto

Jul 28, 2019

Lightning node roundtable #3 

@BTCSocialist @gugol @CryptoCloaks @Suheb__ @openoms   

  • Open source project with printing specs for RPI4 cases (CryptoCloaks)
  • Point of Sale lightning terminals (BTCSocialist)
  • Paper on fund recovery (gugol)
  • RPI4 blockchain DL, vms and...

Jul 22, 2019

Lightninghood live has me as a guest for their weekly wrapup, we then go around the room and talk lightning nodes, bitcoin, wallets and much more!    

  • Lightning nodes 
  • Adventures with lightning 
  • Q&A about our node(s) setup 
  • BTC hardware & software wallets

Jul 17, 2019

Interview/Discussion with Pierre Rochard 


Jul 9, 2019

Interview/Discussion with Nick Neuman from CasaHodl

  • Nicks Rabbit hole story before bitcoin
  • Changing paths banking into Product management
  • Finding bitcoin   
  • Self sovereignty     
  • Casa features, requests, feedback and beyond

Twitter Contact: @Nneuman

Intro music by Sam Sparro Black & Gold

Twitter & Telegram...

Jul 1, 2019

Interview/Discussion with Dergigi (21 lessons in Bitcoin) 

  • Dergigi's Rabbit hole story, thinker behind the thought
  • Bitcoin socially 
  • Beyond bitcoin, where do we go from here with bitcoin

Twitter Contact: @dergigi

Intro music by Sam Sparro Black & Gold